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EWEB Board Meeting:
Utilities are Key for a Fast & Just Transition to Clean Renewable Energy!

Next EWEB Board Meeting: Tue., Mar. 6 – 5:30 pm at 500 East Fourth Ave., Eugene

Members of the Civic Engagement Team have been attending EWEB Commissioner Board meetings with great interest. We are learning a lot! EWEB is a “Large-Lever-Shareholder” in the City of Eugene Community Energy Action Plan, where we are required to meet the goals of the city’s Climate Recovery Ordinance.

During this meeting, they’ll be discussing an update to their Climate Change Policy. Plan to attend to show interest and testify, if you’re inclined. Or drop them a line and let them know you’re looking forward to hearing the Board discussion.

To find out who your Commissioner is, and to get in touch:

New group forming: Nuclear-Free Eugene – organizing to get EWEB off dirty nuclear energy (from Hanford!) and on to clean renewables. Learn more here:

Let’s electrify everything!