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Events > 2018 > February > Solution of the Month for February - Pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in Oregon

About this event:

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While several of 350 Eugene’s campaigns are focused on Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground, we recognize and embrace the need to be addressing solutions as well. Among our efforts along these lines, we’re using this “Upcoming Events” calendar to showcase the “Solution of the Month”.

For February, please read  this article from the Sightline Institute’s article concerning the Clean Energy Jobs Bill here

After reading the article, consider doing the following:

1. Please join us for our February 12 Clean Energy Jobs Bill date at the state capitol!

You must sign up here to confirm your attendance and to be scheduled for your appointments with your legislators. Free lunch is provided

2. If you are unable to join us on February 12, please contact your legislator to let them know we need to pass this critically important bill THIS year!:

Our previous Solutions of the Month have been drawn from the seminal work “Drawdown”. Check out this link to specific solution and introductory video by  Paul Hawken, Editor/Driving Force behind the “Drawdown” movement.