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Events > 2018 > January > Advocate for Eugene's Climate Recovery Ordinance at City Council - Sign up at 7:00 pm

About this event:

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125 E. Harris Hall,
Eugene, OR

Eugene is implementing a ground-breaking, science-based Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO!  The Community Climate Energy Action Plan 2.0 (CEAP) is in the process of being updated. The CEAP is the roadmap for ensuring we meet our CRO goals.

We need a constant presence at Eugene City Council meetings, 4th Mondays of the month, to remind our councilors and City Staff of the importance of aggressive CRO/CEAP 2.0 implementation.

Can you plan to come once or twice this year, and be a new face and voice to let our elected leaders know we mean business? We will bring talking points. We can do this!

For the Public Forum :

Sign up to testify at Harris Hall at 7:00 pm.

Public Comment begins at 7:30 pm.

For Jan 22 – Thank Councilor Claire Syrett for asking for & getting a work session on the schedule to review the Divest Eugene from U.S. Bank ordinance. (Tentatively scheduled for Wed., Feb 21 at noon. Attend if you can. Harris Hall. No public testimony.) We’ll be following up on our No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure ordinance proposal from Dec. 11’s council meeting and asking for progress reports on the Community Energy Action Plan process.

For inspiration:

“Oslo aims for 50% reduction in GHGs in 4 years.  When someone tells me “it’s not feasible”, I will be pointing them toward this example.

This is what it looks like when a city understands the planetary emergency we’re in and sets an appropriate ghg reduction target. We can achieve this scale of reductions (or get damn close!) if and when we set our minds to it.”

Click here to review the 10-20-16_Our Children’s Trust-350 Eugene Power Points – Climate Recovery Ordinance