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Alton Baker Park, Eugene

Come for an afternoon at Alton Baker Park to meet local activists fighting for change. Grassroots IMPACT organizers will have a potluck from 12pm-1pm, then speakers and discussions on local issues and the four areas of justice.


1:00-introduction to Grassroots IMPACT and an overview of the days activities
1:304:30 speakers and activities/action items including:

Environmental Justice – Jason Gonzales, Forest & Watershed Campaign Organizer for Oregon Wild, will talk about Oregon Wild’s 45 year history of statewide conservation work, his work to reform Oregon’s logging laws to protect rural Oregonians drinking water, and way to plug in to Oregon Wild’s local activism and advocacy group The Oregon Wild One’s.

Social Justice – Kris McAlister, Lane County Poverty and Homeless Board member, will speak about homelessness in Lane County, and steps being taken to address both individual needs and community interests, as well as ways to get involved in the projects currently in motion.

Racial Justice – Phil Carrasco, Lane Community College Board of Directors, Grupo Latino de Acción Directa (GLAD) President, AFL-CIO Regional Field Representative, will talk about issues surrounding Racial Justice.

Environmental Justice – Zach Mulholland, 350 Eugene field organizer, will speak about climate change.

Economic Justice – James Barber, Vice President of Grassroots IMPACT, will speak about economic issues facing our rural communities, how our spending habits affect each other’s lives and the local economy, and what we can do about it.

Brought to you by: Grassroots IMPACT – promoting Economic, Environmental, Social, and Racial Justice. Connecting progressive grassroots groups and individuals across Oregon with our Activist Connection Events that rotate to a different location across the state every month.