laurie laurie, May 1, 2017

By Alisha Roemeling-Register-Guard-4-30-17: Hundreds gathered outside the federal courthouse in downtown Eugene on Saturday for the People’s Climate March to take a stand against the rollback of multiple environmental protections and climate policies since President Trump was sworn in 100 days ago.

The march was organized by 350 Eugene, an affiliate of that’s dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organize a response to institutions and policies­ driving climate change.

On a warm and sunny afternoon, people of all ages could be seen on the steps, sidewalks and in the street in front of the courthouse at 408 Eighth Ave.

Most attendees wore shirts with clever slogans or waved signs and flags that illuminated the issues they stood for.

About a dozen students standing together wore matching light blue shirts that read, “Everything is connected to everything else.” Another shirt read, “We resist, we build, we rise,” and another read, “Protect the world from Trump.”

Several speakers took to the steps to talk about the effects of climate change and what people can do to advocate for the planet.

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Here is a video/photo montage of us singing “Do it Now” (aka “Sing for the Climate”) at the rally: Click here

Also, enjoy this video of the event by Don Ewing: