laurie laurie, February 19, 2018
From Lisa Arkin – Executive Director of Beyond Toxics –
The resolution to endorse the Declaration was brought to the Council by Beyond Toxics and the Eugene-Springfield NAACP. Beyond Toxics has joined with a major network of international human rights advocates for a call-to-action to governments around the world. The guiding principles for this call-to-action are expressed in a Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change.Please read my latest blog with my thoughts on the importance of this vote and the movement to bring the┬áhuman rights perspective to the climate justice movement, “Eugene embraces climate justice (on a global playing field).”
Beyond Toxics worked with Eugene’s Mayor Lucy Vinis and City Councilors Emily Semple and Alan Zelenka to build support for the proposal to endorse the Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change.

After the vote, Mayor Lucy Vinis said, “I am proud of our city for being the second in Oregon to formally express our support for the Declaration of Human Rights and Climate Change which reflects long-held values in our community.”

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L to R: City Councilor Emily Semple; Eric Richardson, President of the Eugene-Springfield NAACP; Mayor Lucy Vinis, Brittany Judson, NAACP; Mysti Frost, Beyond Toxics Environmental Justice Community Organizer and Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics.