A Drawdown citizen’s work group has compiled 15 Action Priorities for Eugene’s climate action work. Check it out here! 350 Eugene CAP Action Priorities

Interested in being involved in local climate change activism?

Please join us in the Drawdown Eugene campaign as we advocate for successful planning, completion and adoption of the City of Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2 (CAP 2). (NOTE: The term “Drawdown” comes from the inspired work of Paul Hawken and colleagues.)

This plan will involve the city staff, the public, businesses and institutions of our city to craft solutions for decreasing our collective emissions of greenhouse gases and substantially reduce our use of fossil fuels in Eugene.

The CAP 2 process is in the early stages of a 2-year time frame, so now is a great time to join us to influence, create, educate and testify.

In this campaign:

  1. We contact citizens who might want to join us in common efforts;
  2. We write letters to the editor to help educate Eugene’s public about the merits and possibilities of greenhouse gas emission reduction;
  3. We research a variety of issues that will help us communicate effectively;
  4. We attend City Council Meetings to testify or be counted as supporters of our campaign, and more.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience with politics. Bring whatever skills you have and learn with us!

Our monthly meetings take place on the second Monday of the month at First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St) from 5:00-6:30 pm. We use this time to check in, note what we’ve completed, discuss new priorities, and to learn from, support and inspire each other.

For more information , click here:

350 Eugene CAP Action Priorities

11.8.17 Proposed Plan for Updating the Community Climate Energy Action Plan (CEAP) 2.0 proposal

Eugene Climate Recovery Ordinance 2016

Eugene Climate Recovery Resources

Campaign Coordinator  – Linda Heyl –


REAL ACTION, STARTING NOW for Eugene’s Climate Action Plan!

The first results from Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2.0 (CAP) process are now available (Findings from Fossil Fuel and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Forecast, 2018 – 2030 for Existing Plans, Policies, and Programs.


There are 3 CRO goals that the CAP is designed to reach.  Here’s how the results measure up:
Fossil Fuels Reduction measure: “Existing plans are projected to reduce use by 30% of the 50% CRO 2030 Target compared to 2010 levels. Another way to think about the forecast progress is that existing plans will get us to 60% of the 2030 CRO Goal (30% reduction towards a 50% reduction target).” Translation: 40% gap to the goal.
Sector-based GHG Reduction measure: “Existing CAP actions are forecast to achieve 16% of the CRO (Sector-based) GHG goal.” Translation: 84% gap to the goal.
Consumption-based GHG Reduction measure: “Emissions are forecast to increase from 2016 baseline between 2018-2030, even with CAP actions reducing 13.8% from Business As Usual emissions.  By 2030, additional actions will be required to achieve the remaining 102% of the CRO (Consumption-based) GHG goal.” Translation: that’s right, 102% “gap” to the goal!
350 supporters have made City Councilors aware of these summary findings.  The City’s CAP staff have told Council that they will formulate a “Gap Strategy” to present to Council by January 2019.
It’s time for the Eugene community to make it clear that we want REAL ACTION, STARTING NOW for an effective CAP.
We’re aiming for 50 community supporters to attend the City Council meeting on Monday December 10, 7:30 PM at Harris Hall, 125 E 8th Street, Downtown Eugene.  Add your name to the list of activists planning to attend by emailing Linda Heyl ( Wear your green or turquoise tee-shirt to make a visual impact.  Come prepared to give a 2 minute or shorter testimony, if you would like.  The more speakers, the better!
Drawdown Eugene (DE) has other irons in the fire as well:
  • The Eugene Community Climate Coalition (ECCC) continues to grow!  Nineteen community organizations have now joined, and our outreach is continuing.  Find out how the ECCC is amplifying community voices to assure a successful Climate Action Plan in Eugene – Facebook
  • City Council held a work session in November about the possible avenues for regulating Northwest Gas’s service in Eugene.  The questions and discussion by councilors were well-informed and probing.  Thanks to the Sustainability commission, the ECCC, and Matt McCrae and Josh Skov as well as 350 supporters for pushing this issue front-and-center for Council and City staff.
  • An interested group of DE activists are meeting to discuss and formulate a Top Ten CAP Actions list, which could be used to guide Council and staff’s work as they face the reality that the LLS process did not produce a successful CAP.  Contact Betzi Hitz if you would like more information about joining this work.
  • The DE campaign group also continues to grow!  The November meeting had lots of new attendees, who are jumping in with both feet!  We’ve outgrown the library at FUMC as our meeting place, so our next exciting meeting will be 5:00-6:30 pm in the Chapel at FUMC.  After the meeting, we’ll head over to Harris Hall to bring some heat to the City Council and City staff!