laurie laurie, September 21, 2018

By Meerah Powell of The Weekly, Published 9/20/18:

Although Clean Energy Jobs would be a statewide policy — and climate change is a global issue — it’s important to look at how the proposed bill would specifically affect us in Eugene.

With Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance, a set of goals that the city is required to meet in order to make Eugene a more environmentally friendly place, and other pushes for environmentalism locally, many are excited for the possibility of the bill’s passing and the potential to make Oregon a greener state.

Many environmentalists, like members of local group 350 Eugene, say the bill would have positive effects on the city along with the work that’s already being done.

350 Eugene is a local affiliate of a national organization based on raising awareness around climate change. Composed of volunteers, 350 Eugene is focused on creating global movements in our backyard — offing fossil fuels, supporting carbon reduction, watchdogging and education, among other goals.

“We’re at about 411 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere now and 350, our name, is the upper limit of a sustainable system for the world,” 350 Eugene member Linda Heyl says. “So we have to get back to 350.”

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