Join this dynamic group working with legislators and a statewide consortium to get carbon pricing legislation passed in Oregon.  The next attempt to pass this legislation will be during the 2019 session, but the time to prepare is now. Check the Events page for a schedule of when we meet.

Contact Linda Kelley for getting involved with this campaign. All are welcome!

Update on a Clean Energy Bill –  November 2018

The Clean Energy Jobs Bill did not pass in the 2018 session but it was not surprising as it is a complex bill and 2018 had only 6 weeks in session.  Much important progress was made to ensure it will pass next session.

Highlights from this past year:

  • The End of short session produced House Bill 4001 and Senate Bill 1507 that will provide a solid framework for further intersession work to create a final 2019 Bill.
  • Money has been allocated to work on technical analysis. A Carbon Policy Office was funded as part of Department of Admin Services. There will be work on assessing carbon sequestration potential of our forests and working lands and other opportunities in a bill.
  • On February 12th Lobby Day, 500 people showed up in Salem to show support and demand action on the bill. This was apparently the largest turn out for Lobby Day to date. Oregon tribes signed onto the bill and were in Salem to show their support
  • President Courtney has been unwilling to bring the bill to the floor for a vote without republican support. Lobby Day that included our 35’ “pipeline” that was repurposed to say President Courtney be a climate hero may have helped! President Courtney is now saying “don’t show up in 2019 unless you plan on passing a carbon reduction bill.

What’s Next?

bipartisan Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction co chaired by President Courtney and Speaker Kotek has convened.  Meetings have been held monthly since May. It is important to have a visible and strong presence at these meetings to signal public support and pressure to pass a bill. It is also an opportunity to catch committee members after the meeting or schedule an office visit to advocate for specifics in a strong bill.

A draft Bill created by a 4 person bipartisan subcommittee should be introduced at the December meeting during Legislative Days December 12-14.

Please consider carpooling up with us for future meetings; its fun and interesting! Contact Linda at or visit Sierra Club Many Rivers MeetUp site to get details on future visits.

You can also access the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction meeting archives through the following link on the Oregon Legislative Information System website.

We are in excellent position to get a good bill passed in the full 2019 session for 2021 implementation.

How can you help?

Help build business support. 80 Eugene Businesses have joined the 500+ statewide who agree they support a Clean Energy future through legislation Any personal contacts you may have with local businesses would be helpful. You can send that information to Linda Kelley, campaign coordinator at

Educate: 12,000 Oregonians signed on to support the bill last year. We will continue to come to community events and offer education about the bill. PLEASE INVITE US TO YOUR EVENT!

In Salem: carpool with us to Salem to attend future Committee meetings; Check 350 website Events, Contact Linda at or visit Sierra Club Many Rivers MeetUp site to get details on future visits.

Call/Email/ Let your legislators know you support them in getting the bill passed and encourage them to keep a bill that is strong and not watered down.

Meetings: Join our Cap the Gasses meetings, first and 3rd Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 at First United Methodist Church 1376 Olive St.

Keep up to Date: email Linda Kelley to receive monthly updates on the status of the bill and related info if you are unable to attend meetings.

Our statewide coalition coordinated by ReNew Oregon is confident that if we keep up the pressure we will definitely get a good bill passed in the full 2019 Session.

With your help, we will get this done in 2019 Session!!!


Next Carbon Reduction Committee meeting in Salem  will be December 13th 5:30 – 7:30 pm

For more information, please visit:

A-Engrossed SB 1507

HB4001 introduced 2018

HB 4001 and SB 1507 policy summary

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