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Campaign #1 – TIME SENSITIVE (January – March, 2018)

Cap the Gasses!

Carbon Pricing

We work with Renew Oregon, a statewide coalition of communities of color, union members, and environmental activists, to pass legislation in Oregon that will put a limit on the Green House Gases (GHG) which cause climate change and require the biggest climate polluters to pay. Proceeds will be invested in projects to reduce GHGs and create jobs in the fast-growing green energy sector.

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Please join us for our February 12 Clean Energy Jobs Bill date at the state capitol!

You must sign up here to confirm your attendance and to be scheduled for your appointments with your legislators. Free lunch is provided
If you are unable to join us on February 12, please contact your legislator to let them know we need to pass this critically important bill THIS year!:
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BACKGROUND INFORMATION- Read more about The Clean Energy and Jobs Bill here:

Most recent summary:

Clean Energy Jobs Bill_ (LC 44, LC 176) Policy Summary 2018

Previous materials:

350 Eugene cover sheet for Clean Energy Jobs packet

SB1070 Clean Energy Jobs Bill 2017 Summary August, 2017

SB1070 Full Text – Introduced

Clean Energy Jobs_Fact Sheet_August 2017

Clean Energy Jobs_Info for Businesses_August 2017

Clean Energy Jobs_Eugene Businesses in Support_Updated January 2018

Fill_in Clean Energy Jobs business support

Campaign #2

Now, does this sound like a good idea to you?


Please join us in our work with the statewide…

Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Coalition (No LNG Exports)

17.11.10 The Health Effects of Fracking in Colorado

Contact Linda Heyl – Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Co-Lead –

Click here for more info re: No LNG Exports.



Campaign #3

#Opt4Climate (REI, Divest!)

REI’s money, deposited in Wells Fargo, and channeled into the U.S. Bank credit card program, fuels climate change – damaging the outdoors for decades to come. Protecting the outdoors is at the core of REI’s values. Let’s make our money talk.

Acting together, 16 million members have an opportunity to send a strong message: no more megabanking. Use the Co-op’s wealth ($2 billion annual sales) to build communities instead of destroying them. Break up REI’s bank accounts at Wells Fargo — deposit the money in sister credit unions where REI works. Terminate the credit card contract with U.S. Bank — choose a financial partner with values that are aligned with REI’s.

Join REI members calling for the Co-op to divest from the megabanks that fund the fossil fuel industry and push global climate to the tipping point!

What you can do:


Campaign #4

Divest Eugene from US Bank


Help us support divesting Eugene from U.S. Bank. Here is some background information:

– U.S. Bank has financial ties to the Dakota Access, Keystone, and Enbridge pipelines – infrastructure that will maintain or increase dependence on fossil fuels at a time when we desperately need to reduce this dependence to combat climate change.

– These pipelines are being built on or near lands of indigenous peoples despite their strong opposition. When spills or leaks occur, indigenous people will be hit hardest.

– Eugene has committed, through a number of ordinances and resolutions, to 1) support Standing Rock in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, 2) consider social equity and environment health when making decisions about city business, and 3) give preference to local businesses in city contracting.

– Together, these facts provide a strong basis for denying U.S. Bank a future contract with the City of Eugene and the city should, instead, seek local banking options to supplement much of the local banking that they already do.

For more information, contact

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For more information concerning green investments, check out this document: Fossil Free Investing Guide



Campaign #5

 Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO)


Join us along with these amazing youth leaders from our local Earth Guardians to advocate for full implementation of the  Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance – the first of its kind in the nation. Check out our Events page (to the right) where its says “Testify re: the Climate Recovery Ordinance”.

Our planning meeting is the second Monday of the month from 4-5 pm at First United Methodist Church. We testify every fourth Monday of the month. Come on down!

Power Points_10-20-16 Climate Recovery Ordinance_Friendly Neighborhood Association Meeting


Amended_Ordinance_2016_ No.20567(1)

Eugene Climate Recovery Resources

For more information, contact Laurie Powell:



Campaign #6

Oil bomb trains – Coming to a neighborhood near you!


Oil bomb trains pass through Eugene-Springfield on a regular basis. Hundreds of residents, businesses and public institutions, including the University of Oregon, Hult Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center – Downtown Campus, and selected elementary schools, are in or very near the blast zone of these trains.  We are building a coalition, holding rallies and educational forums summer and fall leading to direct actions on this issue next year.  Stay tuned. Look for events on our “Events” page to the right. For more information, contact Jim Neu:

Eugene No Crude Oil by Rail Resolution Documents

Fact Sheet-Crude-by-Rail

Eugene City No Crude by Rail Resolution_Explanatory Memo

Eugene City No Crude by Rail Resolution_1_25_17final

Template for Adopting a Resolution Opposing the Movement of Crude Oil And Liquid Natural Gas by Rail



Video of Introduction of No Crude by Rail Resolution to Eugene City Council

DIY No Crude by Rail Video: