laurie laurie, May 10, 2017

Dylan Darling for the Register Guard: The State Land Board voted Tuesday to keep the Elliott State Forest public, but exactly how remains unclear.

For years, Oregon planned on selling the 82,500-acre ­forest near Coos Bay, and it had a $220.8 million offer for it. But the three-member board voted unanimously to pursue new models of public ownership for Elliott rather than to sell.

Gov. Kate Brown, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and State Treasurer Tobias Read make up the board, which guides the Department of State Lands.

“It is very clear to me that we have to change the way that we own and manage the ­forest,” Brown said at the meeting in Salem.

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From 350 Eugene:  This outcome is largely the result of a vigorous grass roots effort by many conservation groups, organizing like crazy, showing up faithfully to land board meetings, testifying on behalf of the Elliot, writing the board members, etc. Kudos to all of you for your advocacy on behalf of this beautiful land!