350 Eugene is a  501(c)(3) local affiliate of, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organize direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change.

350 is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million (ppm), above which the planet is in a state of climate crisis. We are currently at 410 ppm (Check here for updates to this figure.)

Since our formation as a chapter in January of 2014, we have been building a grassroots movement to advocate for rapidly moving off fossil fuels and harmful land use practices while transitioning to a clean energy economy and, in the process, transforming our world into a livable, joyful and just place.

Through symbols, art and creative actions, we help visualize both the problems and the solutions to climate change for our communities, the media, and our leaders. Creative ways of communicating often speak more directly to our hearts, and provide a beautiful reminder of what we strive to protect.

For more background information, read Kaja Rebane’s ( January 2019 Interview  – Building a Community of Leaders – with 350 Eugene’s Deb McGee and Patty Hine


350 Eugene Leadership Team at Work

Please join us! We need you!

There are several ways to plug in:

  • Attend our quarterly “Meet Ups” at First United Methodist Church (Check out “Join Our Upcoming Events” to the right side of this page)

Note: We don’t hold regular monthly meetings because of the many events with which we’re involved. However, we have several campaigns (e.g., Cap the Gases, Climate Recovery Ordinance) that do meet on a regular, monthly basis.

Also …

  • Attend any one of our other events (e.g., rallies, City Council Public Forums, etc) under “Join Our Upcoming Events”
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Meet Our Board of Directors & 350 Eugene Leadership Team

Board of Directors


Patty Hine – Director/Co-Founder


Deb McGee – Co-Director/Founder, Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Co-Lead, Break Free PNW



Elliott Grey – Director/Treasurer, Medic Team Lead


Betzi Hitz – Director/Assistant Treasurer, Media, Non-violent Direct Action Co-Trainer


Laurie Ehlhardt Powell – Director/Secretary, Website support









350 Eugene’s Leadership Team

Leadership Team (includes Board of Directors)


Karen Austin – Drawdown Eugene Coordinator



Mary DeMocker – Co-Founder, Author of The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution (New World Library 2018). Foreword by Bill McKibben



Mary A.

Mary Addams – Bookkeeper




Caitlin Bowman – Co-Lead Divest Eugene




Michael Carrigan – CALC, Non-Violent Direct Action Co-Trainer, Peace Keeper



Elizabeth Chandler – Event Organizer, Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Coalition, Resilience Work Group, Breakfree PNW



Sandra Clark – Non-Violent Direct Action Lead Trainer, Break Free PNW




In Memoriam – Don Ewing – Videographer, Photographer, Cap the Gases



Jenny Gordon – Liaison to 350 Eugene Earth Guardians; Emotional Support & Resilience Training




Andrea Goering – Cap the Gases Campaign Lead


Krystal Grube – Photographer (featured here with Don Ewing, Photographer/Videographer)



Linda Heyl – Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Co-Lead; Drawdown Eugene Lead


Leonard Higgins – Direct Action Coordinator Break Free PNW, Valve Turner



DSCN0194 (1)

Linda Kelley – Cap the Gases Coordinator, Regenerative Agriculture Liaison





Joanie Kleban – Art-Artivism Director; No Oil Trains Campaign; #Opt4Climate (REI, Divest!) Co-Coordinator




Christa Knittle – Artivist, Break Free PNW, Hospitality



09.21.14 350 Eugene/ DivestUO Organizer Zach Mulholland Speaking at Eugene's People's Climate March; Photo Courtesy of Brenda Fletchall

Zach Mulholland – Cap the Gases, Climate Recovery Ordinance




Jim Neu – Campaign lead for No Oil Trains & No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure, Drawdown Eugene



delaney photo

Delaney Pearson – Media Support




Danny Pearson – Community Outreach Lead, Climate Recovery Ordinance




Carolyn Partridge – Break Free PNW, Artivist, No LNG



Alice Warner – #Opt4Climate (REI, Divest!) Campaign Coordinator


350 Eugene’s Leadership Team