Started in January 2014, 350 Eugene is  a local affiliate of 350.org, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organize direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change.

 350 is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million (ppm), above which the planet is in a state of climate crisis. We are currently at 400 ppm.

Our work is to reduce dangerous carbon emissions by building a grassroots movement, moving away from fossil fuels and harmful land use practices, and helping jump-start a clean energy economy–and in the process, transforming our world into a livable, joyful and just place.

Through symbols, art and creative actions, we help visualize both the problems and the solutions to climate change for our communities, the media, and our leaders. Creative ways of communicating often speak more directly to our hearts, and provide a beautiful reminder of what we strive to protect.


And so was the Sun Queen!


The 350 Eugene Team


Patty Hine – Director/Co-Founder



Deb McGee – Co-Founder, No LNG Campaign Lead



Mary DeMocker – Co-Founder, Art Director



Mary A.

Mary Addams, Bookkeeper




Michael Carrigan – Community Alliance of Lane County/Climate Recovery Ordinance/Non Violent Civil Disobedience Support Trainer




Elizabeth Chandler-Break Free PNW/Event Organizer



Sandra Clark – Break Free PNW/Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Lead Trainer



Don Ewing – Photographer/Videographer



Jenny Gordon – Liaison 350 Eugene Earth Guardians/Hospitality




Elliot Gray – Treasurer




Betzi Hitz – Media Support, Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Support Trainer



DSCN0194 (1)

Linda Kelley – Cap the Gases Coordinator



Joan Kleban – Artivism Director



Leonard Higgins – Direct Action Coordinator




Christa Knittle – Break Free PNW/Artivist




Sarah Mazze – Cap the Gasses Campaign Lead


09.21.14 350 Eugene/ DivestUO Organizer Zach Mulholland Speaking at Eugene's People's Climate March; Photo Courtesy of Brenda Fletchall

Zach Mulholland – Climate Recovery Ordinance



Jim Neu – No Crude-by-Rail Campaign Lead



delaney photo

Delaney Pearson – Media Support




Danny Pearson – Climate Recovery Ordinance/Public Outreach



Laurie Powell – Website/Climate Recovery Ordinance Work Group Coordinator