350 Families, a project of 350 Eugene  

We are parents who want to welcome everyone into the climate movement. Who better to work for a healthy climate than us? Our children’s future depends on it.

What we do:

We host youth- and family-focused events to engage families in the climate movement.

So far we’ve hosted:

  • Earth Day Art Show. Our first Earth Day Art show contest showcased dozens of inspiring and creative art pieces at the downtown Eugene Library.


  • Back-to-School Clothing and Supply Swap. Around 100 kids, parents, and grandparents came to swap clothes and school supplies, saving lots of money and resources. Big thanks to our partners MECCA and Forever Growing Resale for donating awesome items to start off the Swap.


Upcoming Events:

  • Tombstone Making Workshop. On October 13th, we’ll host a free tombstone making workshop. Things in The Graveyard We Want can include anything you or your kids want to end in order to help children and the planet thrive. Oil trains? Racism? Climate denial? Let your imagination soar, and come make art with other families!
  • Parents’ tea and discussion: We’ll share ideas and resources for making your holidays more relaxed, Earth-friendly, and connecting for your family.
  • Stayed tuned for a possible “Thanksgiving Trees” workshop and  / or Toy Making Workshop. Bring us your ideas!

Want to get involved? Let us know a little about you and send it to 350families@gmail.com or connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/607490613000122/

And for more ideas be sure to check out the new book, “The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution” by 350 Eugene’s own Mary DeMocker (foreword by Bill McKibben)