Global Movements Begin at Home


Love Over Fear on Inauguration Day

Pegasus Productions and Pedal Power Music will present “Our Earth: Love Over Fear,” an evening in support of the environment. Friday January 20, 2017 Hi-Fi Main Hall, 44 E. 7th Ave, Eugene. All ages welcome Doors open at 7pm Show starts at 8pm All proceeds will benefit the programs of Earth Guardians, a non-profit organization (More...)

Climate Denier Cabinet Nominees – Day of Denial Rally Shines

  On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, foreboding storm clouds surrounded but did not dampen an inter-generational rally and march that started at the new Federal Courthouse and ended at the former Courthouse. The clarion call of all those in attendance was to demand Senators Merkley and Wyden vote against President Elect Trump’s climate-change denier cabinet (More...)

Bill McKibben – How the Active Many Can Overcome the Ruthless Few

We’re facing the biggest challenge human civilization has ever seen. Our individual attempts at personal carbon footprint reduction won’t make a dent now. It’s too late. Our small and unenforceable collective political actions do not keep warming to 1.5 degrees Celius. We need to stop the damage and create massive investments & incentives for renewables immediately to change course from where we’re (More...)