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Many local, national, and regional climate action groups are getting linked up through this platform. To learn more about this platform, check out the demo website.

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We are hiring!

350.org is looking for a driven and creative Senior Digital Campaigner to coordinate the work of our online and offline mobilisation in the Arab World, and to collaborate with our team members with skill, sensitivity, and a razor-sharp strategic sense and a driven and experienced South Africa Field Organiser and Campaigner to help make the climate (More...)

Open letter to Nedbank – April 11th, 2016

Dear Nedbank, Thank you for your response to 350Africa.org’s letter sent on 8 April 2016. We acknowledge your sustainability strategy and have noticed your support for a transition towards cleaner energy on various media platforms including billboards around the city. Your approach to meeting the countries socio-economic needs is commendable, but 350Africa.org can no longer (More...)

nedbank open letter

Nile River

6853 km long, 3.9 km wide, 9.5 meter deep – on average – with a discharge rate of 99,940 cubic meters per second and the longest water course on earth, the Nile River is arguably the 9th wonder of the world. The tributaries that form this great river emerge from two major sources; the Great (More...)

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Dear Nedbank, 350Africa is writing in response to your numerous claims to the public that Nedbank is engaging with us. As yet, we have not received any response to our request for a list of projects and the amount of money that Nedbank is financing in ... (More...)

350Africa condemns the assassination of comrade Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe

On March 22 Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe, a grassroots critic of a proposed Australian dune-mining project on the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast, was shot at his home by assailants posing as police officers. The attack has shaken communities and environmentalists. As 350Africa we strongly condemn the assassination of comrade ‘Bazooka’ and as part of the civil (More...)

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