south africa welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene prices hikes and calls for solar and wind energy revolution

[Press release] JOHANNESBURG– Ferrial Adam,’s Regional Team Leader commenting on today’s National Energy Regulator (NERSA) tariff determination said:  “ welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene price hikes. In the middle of winter and when millions of South Africans already cannot afford electricity why should people have to pay more for the failures of Eskom and (More...)

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Join the Twitterstorm to get Engie’s coal plants out of South Africa

We’re joining Earthlife Africa and Friends Of The Earth today to call on the French company Engie (former GDF-Suez) and the French government to divest from coal, starting with a proposed 1200MW coal plant in South Africa. Engie, which is 35% owned by the French government, is investing in a 1200MW coal plant in the ecologically-sensitive Waterberg (More...)

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The First Divestment Dialogue: Climate change and divestment – what this means for Africa

Join us at Constitution Hill in Joburg tomorrow night for the first in a series of public Climate Change Dialogues. Date:    13th May 2015Time:    Registration from 17h15, Dialogue begins 18h00Venue:  Women’s Gaol, Constitution Hill, JohannesburgRSVP: Taking inspiration from the anti-Apartheid struggle, the global fossil fuel divestment movement has opened a new front in (More...)

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Why Africa should join the fossil fuel divestment movement

Blog written by Alex Lenferna on ThoughtLeader: Concern for poverty in Africa is coming from the most unexpected places lately: the boardrooms of fossil fuels companies. Multimillionaire fossil fuel execs, like Exxon’s Rex Tillerson and Peabody’s Charles Meintjes, are painting themselves as Africa’s saviours, claiming that fossil fuels are the answer to Africa’s poverty and (More...)

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Fossil Free Africa campaign claims first win as Nedbank signals intention to sell coal-fired Kelvin Power station

[Press release] Johannesburg: Fossil fuel divestment campaigners today celebrated news that Nedbank intends to divest from the coal-fired Kelvin Power Station near Johannesburg. The bank has been the target of the Fossil Free Africa campaign which is calling for South African banks to disclose their fossil fuel investments and ultimately stop investing in future coal and oil (More...)

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