Open letter to Nedbank – April 11th, 2016

Dear Nedbank, Thank you for your response to’s letter sent on 8 April 2016. We acknowledge your sustainability strategy and have noticed your support for a transition towards cleaner energy on various media platforms including billboards around the city. Your approach to meeting the countries socio-economic needs is commendable, but can no longer (More...)

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“What Really Matters To You?” — a question your bank doesn’t want to answer

350 Africa releases its second video message from Eugreen, our friend of the climate movement. His message is clear Nedbank needs to stop funding fossil fuels. Burning dirty coal is nasty! South Africa’s addiction to coal  is destructive. It’s compromising the air we breathe (did you know that Witbank has the dirtiest air in the (More...)

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Fossil Free Africa campaign claims first win as Nedbank signals intention to sell coal-fired Kelvin Power station

[Press release] Johannesburg: Fossil fuel divestment campaigners today celebrated news that Nedbank intends to divest from the coal-fired Kelvin Power Station near Johannesburg. The bank has been the target of the Fossil Free Africa campaign which is calling for South African banks to disclose their fossil fuel investments and ultimately stop investing in future coal and oil (More...)

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Have you met Eugreen?

Like many South Africans, Eugreen thought that by banking with Nedbank, he’d be going with the green bank. But what many of us are now finding out is that South Africa’s banks are funding Africa’s growing addiction to fossil fuels at a time when the planet needs the exact opposite — real action to stop (More...)

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Call Nedbank now!

Today’s the day! We need your help to let Nedbank know that South Africa will not stand to let them call themselves a green bank while they finance fossil fuels. Wherever you are, please pick up a phone and call one (or all) of these people at Nedbank: Mike Peo, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and (More...)

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6 ways to get Nedbank to commit to a Fossil-Free Africa

The Fossil Free Africa campaign began in November last year asking banks (in particular Nedbank) to disclose their fossil fuel investments and to stop further financing non-renewable energy projects. As concerned citizens and the general public – we should be directing our efforts to asking Nedbank to commit to a Fossil Free Africa. Here’s how (More...)

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