“What Really Matters To You?” — a question your bank doesn’t want to answer

350 Africa releases its second video message from Eugreen, our friend of the climate movement. His message is clear Nedbank needs to stop funding fossil fuels. Burning dirty coal is nasty! South Africa’s addiction to coal  is destructive. It’s compromising the air we breathe (did you know that Witbank has the dirtiest air in the (More...)

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Report: The Divestment Movement — A Just Response to Climate Inaction

Today, is launching the second in a series of powerful research reports to present the case for divestment from fossil fuels and to highlight that this is not just an environmental issue but a political, economic and moral one as well. The divestment movement is growing globally, with over 450 institutions, pension funds, universities and faith-based organisations having committed (More...)

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Anglican Church of Southern Africa to explore divestment from fossil fuels

[Press release] Johannesburg, 25 September 2015 -– welcomes the move by the Anglican Church of Southern Africa to explore withdrawing its investments from companies which exploit fossil fuels. The Church has acknowledged in their resolution that the burning of fossil fuels is leading to climate change with devastating effects on the most vulnerable people around the world. The (More...)

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This is South Africa’s best development path

Today is launching the first in a series of powerful research reports on how we can transition South Africa’s economy and development away from fossil fuels and towards a just and equitable society powered by renewable energy. Given the goal of global climate negotiations is to hold average future temperature increase below 2°C, are (More...)

fossilfreeafrica just transition renewable energy south africa welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene prices hikes and calls for solar and wind energy revolution

[Press release] JOHANNESBURG– Ferrial Adam,’s Regional Team Leader commenting on today’s National Energy Regulator (NERSA) tariff determination said:  “ welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene price hikes. In the middle of winter and when millions of South Africans already cannot afford electricity why should people have to pay more for the failures of Eskom and (More...)

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