Divestment in Japan: DAI-VESTO-MENTO!

By: Marie Tanao The findings of a recent Japanese government survey of climate change awareness within the Japanese public indicated that interest in climate change has declined since a similar survey was conducted 9 years ago. 40 percent of survey &he... (More...)

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350 Africa Student Summit

Written by Ahmed Mokgopo Last weekend, 23-26 September 2016, 350Africa mobilized student leaders active in the climate movement across South African universities to share ideas, strategies and navigate the future path of all our work. Over three days, ... (More...)

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Of one mind and vision

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela. The following months after the signing of the Paris Agreement has been a challenging time for the East Asia region The fossil fuel industry is still active with a host of projects on the ground and are still bent on expanding dirty energy development […] (More...)

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