We stand with Bataan in saying no to coal

By: Chuck Baclagon Solar and wind energy are now at the same price or even cheaper than new fossil fuels in over 30 countries, according to the World Economic Forum. It is both ironic and tragic then that companies … (More...)

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Activists storm international coal summit

By: Chuck Baclagon

Activists protested at an international coal industry summit in the Philippines, ahead of the closing of the global climate negotiations in Morocco which aim to phase out coal and in turn limit global warming.    

Climate activists dressed as "coal spectres" to symbolize the menace of dirty energy during their peaceful protest at an international coal industry summit in the Philippines in front of New World Hotel and Dusit Thani. Photo: AC Dimatatac

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Anti-coal protest in the Philippines forces Korea Eximbank to withdraw from Green Climate Fund

  Protests in the Philippines against the Export-Import Bank of Korea’s (KEXIM) funding for coal projects have forced the latter’s withdrawal from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a global fund under the auspices of the UN climate pact allocated for low-emission and climate-resilient development “After several months of campaigning against the accreditation of the Korean […] (More...)

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Coal in the Philippines: A Filipino American’s Perspective

When I think of coal, the first thing that comes to mind is the dirty, foul puffs of smoke billowing out of the smoke stacks of coal power plants, drifting into the atmosphere and surrounding environments. I also think of soot and ash spreading around buildings, homes, and people’s clothing and skin. I think of […] (More...)


Bac Lieu chose clean energy, clean environment, clean shrimp and phased out coal-fired power plant – a wise decision which satisfies people’s expectation, and leads a new initiative for Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Hanoi, September 23, 2016 –Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) and Non-Communicable Diseases Viet Nam (NCDs-VN) wholeheartedly support Bac Lieu Province leaders in their decision to “Withdraw Cai Cung coal-fired power plant project1 in the province from the Power Development Plan VII to ensure clean environment for aquaculture in the context that this province has high […] (More...)

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