Climate Justice

The Struggle Deep in the Forests of the Philippines

Last week, 350 Pilipinas coordinator, Zeph Repollo, was part of an international solidarity mission to a remote village of the Dulangan People in Mindanao, Philippines.     I’m writing this note from the lush, forest-clad Daguma Mountain Ranges of Mindanao, Philippines, where the indigenous Dulangan People are in a dangerous struggle against logging and mining corporations encroaching […] (More...)

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Good Friday and the tragedy of death amidst struggle

  As many commemorate Good Friday by celebrating the person who embodied a life of open healing and shared eating, of radical itinerancy and egalitarianism, of human contact without discrimination and hierarchies, of preferential option for the poor, and who was executed by the Roman Empire because of these… We likewise remember and consecrate the […] (More...)

Climate Justice

Voting for a fossil-free future

The Philippines’ raucous democracy cranks into top gear as the three-month campaign season starts with most interest on a crowded contest to succeed Benigno Aquino III, as the president of the republic, with familiar themes of corruption, dictatorship and personality politics to dominate the current public discourse. In the midst of the election circus advocates […] (More...)

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