About the 350 Network

Many local, national, and regional climate action groups are getting linked up through this platform. To learn more about this platform, check out the demo website.

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6 ways to get Nedbank to commit to a Fossil-Free Africa

The Fossil Free Africa campaign began in November last year asking banks (in particular Nedbank) to disclose their fossil fuel investments and to stop further financing non-renewable energy projects. As concerned citizens and the general public – we should be directing our efforts to asking Nedbank to commit to a Fossil Free Africa. Here’s how (More...)

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Why I’m part of the African Climate Movement

I am a South African citizen – a very proud South African citizen. My existence through my childhood, teenage and adult years shaped the kind of person I am today. I may not be physically the strongest but I think my ideals and values are pretty razor-sharp. A few years ago back in Durban, my (More...)

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