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Climate change is a crisis unlike any other in human history. The scope is global, the effects are potentially catastrophic, and the solutions can seem beyond reach. With such an enormous problem, it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to know what to do. But THERE ARE WAYS TO TAKE ACTION.

One of the global climate movement’s most powerful tools is DIVESTMENT. By pulling out of oil, coal, and gas investments, by boycotting banks that underwrite damage to people and the planet, and by pressuring civic and business organizations to manage their funds responsibly, we can shut the valve on fossil fuels by cutting the flow of money to the fossil fuel industry.

Everyone’s financial circumstances are different, so our abilities to personally divest vary widely. But make no mistake: every divestment action that you can take, big or small, builds our momentum and grows our power.

350 Austin’s Personal Divestment Toolkit is a guide to help you take control of your own money’s role in the climate crisis and the crimes of the fossil fuel industry. We hope that this toolkit empowers you, energizes you, and engages you in this global struggle as you learn how to:

Break Up with the Big Banks!

Divest Your Portfolio!

Divest Your Electricity!

Take Divestment to the Next Level!

Record Your Divestment!


Click here for a PDF version of the Personal Divestment Toolkit.


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