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Michelle Waters is an Artists from California, USA.  She is a painter and has been creating art that fuses her love for animals, concerns about the welfare of the planet and concerns for the loss of the natural world and human exploitation of animals.  She is a committed ethical vegan and has been an animal liberation and environmental activist for 30 years.  Take a tour of her Animal Right’s and Environmental Paintings on her website here:

Bummer – Global Warming

Bummer - Global Warming - Waters

Manifest Destiny


Raising the Fuel Economy Standards

Raising the Fuel Economy Standards_Waters

Land of the Free


Read the ARTIST STATEMENT on links between animal agriculture and climate change, and how our diets are something we have control over in terms of making positive change for the planet:

“I went vegan because of the horrible conditions that farmed animal live and die under, and because I didn’t want to fund cruelty with my dollars.  When I went vegan I didn’t know anything about the connections between animal agriculture and climate change, but now this concern is as much a reason for my veganism.

In 2006 the United Nations published a report stating that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, and that, to ward off the worst manifestations of climate change humans should adopt a vegan diet. WorldWatch Institute puts the figure much higher, at 51%. So we don’t know the exact percentage, but we do know that the meat, dairy and egg industries contribute more carbon emissions to the atmosphere than do fossil fuels. Runoff from animal farms is also poisoning our rivers and oceans. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is a result of animal farming. It’s simply not environmentally sustainable for 7 billion+ humans to be eating animal products.

For more information about the links between animal agriculture and climate change, I recommend people watch the excellent documentary “Cowspiracy”

– Michelle Waters

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