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Danielle Nelisse is a Profressional Painter based in California, USA.  She creates large scale abstract paintings.

In her Climate Change Series, she presents abstract paintings that reflect her emotional response to global climate change. Nelisse uses color and line to express her inner reflections about the complexities in dealing with urbanization, climate change, and natural disasters.

 URBAN HEAT– oil on canvas – 16″ x 20″ x 1.5



FIELD NOTES: The URBAN HEAT island is a theory that urban centers may have higher temperatures caused by the absorption of heat energy by a city’s concrete, cement and metal surfaces. Some experts say the URBAN HEAT island effect may raise the area’s temperature and alter local wind patterns, the development of clouds, fog and humidity, as well as alter the rates of precipitation.

DEPLETED WATER TABLES – oil on canvas – 48″ x 36″ x 1.5



: For some areas of America, certain m months in 2013 was the warmest ever recorded globally. Frequent and severe drought pushed some desert ecosystems into “catastrophic regime change” from which many species cannot recover. Throughout the world there is increased concern as drought and increased urban water use have resulted in DEPLETED WATER TABLES.

You can visit the entire series and more of her Artwork on her website:

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