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A wave of Power Shift events in Africa-Arab region

After six months of intense preparations, consultations, drafting, coaching and submission and sometimes rewriting texts, Power Shift projects are getting started one after the other in Africa-Arab world. Two weeks back, team Gabon kicked off with a workshop on climate

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Connecting the dots at Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

The event “HARVESTING INDIGENOUS YELLOWWOOD SEEDS AND SAPLINGS” for use in project, ‘FREE TREES TO SCHOOLS’  took place at 8am till 10am at the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, Yellowwood Park, Durban South Africa, where we collected seeds and saplings from

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Africans in solidarity with US-Canada anti tar sands campaign!

With an international network of people who care about our future, we’re learning new ways to support each other across the globe. This was evident this week when different individuals and groups in Africa took action in support of American…

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Making Connections in Lagos, Nigeria

Andrea just returned from Lagos, Nigeria and the third of three climate leadership training workshops around Africa.  


Crossing the road in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria is a bit like being in a Nintendo computer game. There are no zebra…

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Badhan, Sanaag, Somalia

Horn Relief staff participate in 10.10.10 by planting trees in Badhan village.…

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