Job posting for Africa Team

Seeking a motivated, creative, strategic team worker

as an Africa Field Organiser

Position: Half-time, 7-month contract, with possibility of renewal Compensation: $1,000 per month (paid by International office in USA) and stipend for internet use if necessary Who is is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. Our online campaigns, grassroots organising, and off-line mass public actions involve thousands of volunteer organisers in over 188 countries.  This international network includes ordinary citizens, students, farmers, artists, musicians, faith leaders, sports people, leading climate scientists and a huge variety of human rights, environmental, health, development and religious organisations. 350 means climate safety. Scientific research shows that our atmosphere can tolerate a concentration of carbon dioxide no greater than 350 parts per million – above that, and the climate gets increasingly unstable and chaotic. As the global carbon concentration is currently 392ppm, it explains the changes we’re already experiencing to our climate patterns and the impacts such as worsening droughts, storms, flooding, rainfall changes affecting food production, etc. A climate movement. In order for us to reduce CO2 emissions back down to 350ppm, we’ll have to radically reduce our use of fossil fuels and switch to sustainable solutions such as renewable energy, human-scale economies, organic food production, low carbon public transportation, etc. And we need a growing movement of informed citizens willing to make their voices heard to challenge leaders to stop listening to the powerful fossil fuel industries and rather focus on socially just and environmentally harmonious solutions. The team. We may seem to be a large organisation, but actually we’re made up of a small group of staff scattered about the globe who rely completely on good collaboration with each other, with our partners and with our organisers to do our work. In addition, we’re very creative on stretching our minimal resources, similar to how our grassroots organisers have to operate! What will the Field Organiser do? Organiser support: This task involves liaising with volunteer climate organisers in approximately 25 countries on the African continent to offer them support and guidance in their climate activism and movement building, link them with useful resources/potential partners, and learn from them to share their knowledge and experiences with other organisers and to guide Most of the work time will be spent on skype and email in communication with active organisers, prospective supporters, partners and potential allies. Sometimes research is required, for example to learn about the climate politics in a particular region, identify media contacts, or figure out creative ways to help build the movement.  In addition, runs “Climate Leaders” capacity building workshops, for which the Field Organiser will provide organisational support, including managing the complex logistical arrangements. Campaign development & implementation: Via input from our organisers and partners, along with scouting and researching critical climate issues, develops our campaign plans, which in 2012 will include more regional strategic focuses. The Field Organiser will feed organiser input, strategic information and ideas into’s planning processes, and then assist in the roll-out of the campaigns, including extensive liaison with organisers and the media. As South Africa is the continent’s largest polluter, there will be exploration this year of potential strategic campaigns with partner organisations. The Field Organiser will assist in partner outreach, research and other necessary tasks to support such campaign development and implementation. Teamwork As part of the Africa-Arab World team and larger staff team, the Field Organiser will participate in and contribute to team meetings and strategy sessions (via skype), and assist with general tasks to achieve the overall goals. This includes the administration required for the role, as well as website and social media management. Requirements for position:
  • Excellent skills in English language and communication (both oral and written)
  • Experience in the climate change field and commitment  to resolving the climate crisis
  • Interest in and knowledge of climate politics (particularly in South Africa)
  • Effective strategic thinking and networking skills
  • Experience working as an effective part of a campaign or organisational team
  • Capacity to multi-task and work nimbly, balancing multiple priorities and interruptions
  • Self-starter and independent thinker
  • Good organisational and problem-solving skills
  • Own computer and cell phone, with access to fast internet
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Ability to travel on short notice and to work outside of normal business hours
Pluses for position:
  • French – written and spoken
  • Proficiency in African language(s)
  • Experience in other parts of Africa, and understanding of regional politics and geography
  • Activism experience
  • Web and social media competency
Contact: Please send a cover letter explaining why you are interested and how you fulfill the requirements, plus your CV to Samantha Bailey by 31st January 2012. Hiring is rolling, so please apply soon –