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The Power Shift wave has started

We recently shared updates on how we were preparing to experience a rich, intense and colorful month of March, with various power shift events/workshops/gatherings being launched in various places of the Africa-Arab region.

On the 6th to 9th of March,

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A wave of Power Shift events in Africa-Arab region

After six months of intense preparations, consultations, drafting, coaching and submission and sometimes rewriting texts, Power Shift projects are getting started one after the other in Africa-Arab world. Two weeks back, team Gabon kicked off with a workshop on climate

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Sauti Begins — “How I became a climate activist”

We are excited to announce the beginning of a series of dispatches from climate movement leaders from across Africa. We are calling the series “Sauti — African Voices on Climate Change.” Sauti means ‘voices’ in Swahili and ‘my voice’ in

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Ethiopian Youth take on Climate Crisis at Addis Ababa Workshop

On July 31st  2011, I arrived in the rain-soaked Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to help facilitate a 3-day climate leadership workshop. Samantha, the 350 Africa coordinator, and I worked with the newly established Ethiopian National Youth Coalition for Climate Change (ENYCCC)

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Khartoum, Sudan

An event was organised at Khartoum University jointly by the physics department society and a student society called EVA “engineering vision association”. It included a lecture and discussion, an exhibition and film screening.

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