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Let’s boost the African climate movement growth!

Dear friends,

 We have some fun and exciting news to share with you. With our partners, we’re very close to achieving a million signatures on the global petition to end fossil fuel subsidies—which is going to be really powerful

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A splash dot in Mozambique for how climate is impacting our oceans!

As oceans represent the planet’s largest carbon sink, and because oceans absorb 30 million tonnes of CO2 daily, the Dugong Emergency Protection Project managed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is concerned about increasing ocean acidity. Marlin Lodge in partnership

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Even one person can make her dot!

Tracy Frayne, a 350 supporter in Johannesburg, South Africa, holds a climate dot outside the headquarters of the national power supplier, Eskom, to highlight the fact that the majority of South Africa’s power is generated via dirty coal. With 2 new coal-fired…

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In the drought-stricken Eastern Horn of Africa…

Community members gather in Garissa, Kenya for climate impacts day. Garissa is in a part of Kenya where the rains have failed for the past two seasons, causing an extreme drought and famine that has killed 30,000.

The community attend…

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Rock climbers rock Table Mountain, South Africa with giant dot!

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