Global Movements Begin at Home


Senator Merkley takes an official stand AGAINST Jordan Cove!

Good news!   Senator Jeff Merkley has issued an official statement taking a stand against the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cover LNG Export Terminal project in southern Oregon! The position aligns with his efforts to introduce ground-breaking federal legislation mandating a just transition to 100% renewables by 2050 ( In Thursday’s Mail Tribune, Sen (More...)

Resilience in Dark Times – Resources

Last week’s verdict in Leonard Higgins’ trial reminded us yet again of the pervading darkness of climate denial during this season of increasing darkness. The word “climate” was not allowed to be uttered in the court room without objection.  The profound sadness  – for both Leonard and the planet – is palpable.  So, where can (More...)

Leonard’s Trial Begins Today, Learn More and Follow Along – Here’s How

From Jay O’Hara for the Tar Sands Valve Turners: Today, the third valve turner – Leonard Higgins – goes to trial in Fort Benton, Montana for closing down the Spectra Express pipeline last October. The climate movement in Montana, and friends from all over, are ready to stand with him in Chouteau county court tomorrow. (More...)

Support Leonard Higgins as He Begins His Valve Turner Trial

Leonard Higgins – 350 Corvallis/Eugene Leader, Father, Grandfather, Friend – sets foot in the Fort Benton, MT, courtroom tomorrow, November 21, to begin his trial for shutting down the Spectra Express (Tar Sands) Pipeline in Montana on October 11, 2016.  He was joined that day by four other brave valve turners and media support teams (More...)