Global Movements Begin at Home

Schedule of Events Leading Up to and During the Trial of the Century

DAY ONE – Mon., Oct. 29 – Our Children’s Trust Trial – U.S. Federal Courthouse, 405 E. 8th Ave., Eugene – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm We’re never backing down! Come early to welcome the plaintiffs and their attorneys with smiles & banners. Join the proceedings in the courtroom, and rally throughout the day with (More...)

Victory for Valve Turners in Minnesota!

Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center:We are pleased to announce a victory in our Minnesota Valve Turner case! This trial was a rollercoaster with many twists and turns, but all three defendants were acquitted of their charges this morning in court. They were acquitted, not on the necessity defense, but because the prosecution could not meet the burden of (More...)

October 8, 2018 The Climate Necessity Defense Will Have Its Day in Court

Minnesota – The final trial of the vale turners, who shut down five pipelines carrying Canadian tar sands into the US, will go ahead in the town of Bagley, MN on October 8th. Valve turners Emily Johnston, Annette Klapstein and activist Ben Joldersma, after winning an appeal, will be able to present a full necessity (More...)

Clean Energy Eugene: Clean Energy Jobs’ potential effect on Eugene and what a local nonprofit is already doing to make the city greener

By Meerah Powell of The Weekly, Published 9/20/18: Although Clean Energy Jobs would be a statewide policy — and climate change is a global issue — it’s important to look at how the proposed bill would specifically affect us in Eugene. With Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance, a set of goals that the city is required (More...)

We Rose and will Continue to Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice!!!

It’s powerful day when communities work together for #climate & #socialjustice! On September 8, 2018, in our corner of the world, we proudly stood with the local & global community. We flooded the streets with music, dance, education, fun, art, & activism! #RiseforClimate #100%cleanenergy #KeepItInTheGround.  Enjoy this video of our local event, thanks to 350 (More...)