Since 2010

  • Over 50 articles published on various newspapers and online platforms
  • Over 100 public talks and seminars delivered to local institutions, universities and secondary schools
  • Over 40 media interviews made on the topic of climate change


  • Premiere of “Uprising”, Episode 8 of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 2) at the University of Hong Kong with discussion conducted by various government and public figures
  • North Pole Marathon fundraising by Hong Kong residents Diarmuid O’Shea and Elina Makilammi
  • Launched Global Divestment Mobilization Campaign at 5 Hong Kong universities
  • Set up July 1st Rally street booth to promote climate change
  • Premiere of Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” at Festival Grand Cinema, followed by discussion in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong


  • Climate Challenge to all Legislative Council candidates launched with bomb balloon parade in collaboration with the production of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 2)
  • Published survey results of the Climate Challenge, highlighting four overwhelmingly supported actions by Legislative Council candidates and submitted them to the government
  • Produced 15 episodes of full-featured online program, Hotwar 350, focusing on latest climate change issues with guest speakers from various sectors


  • Conducted the Ride-Forrest-Ride interview for US cyclist, Forrest Watkins, for his two-year round the world bike campaign to combat global warming
  • Joint forum with GAIA of Chinese University Hong Kong on latest status of climate change
  • Organized the Hong Kong Global Climate March with over 600 participants in support of Paris COP21


  • Premiere of Dry Season, Episode 1 of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 1) at the City University of Hong Kong followed by discussion


  • Joint petition with Clean Air Network to call for legislation to eliminate dated diesel commercial vehicles
  • Front page coverage on our activities and dedication towards climate change on Sing Pao Daily News.