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Many local, national, and regional climate action groups are getting linked up through this platform. To learn more about this platform, check out the demo website.

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Як організувати акцію «Рухай Планету» у своєму місті. Приклад плану дій.

1.     Збери друзів! Перевір, чи немає вже зареєстрованої події в твоєму місті http://www.moving-planet.org/map. Якщо така є – обов’язково познайомся з організаторами і об’єднай зусилля. Будь-який проект починається з команди та з ідеї. Запроси своїх близьких товаришів, колег, потенційних партнерів … Continue reading (More...)

Рухай Планету у вірному напрямку!

24 вересня ти зміниш хід історії. Зроби крок до зеленого майбутнього. За тобою піде вся Планета. В один день ти та сотні тисяч людей по всьому світу об’єднають зусилля і почнуть рух до екологічно безпечного світу. На велосипедах, катамаранах, роликах і дельтапланах … Continue reading (More...)

This is South Africa’s best development path

Today 350Africa.org is launching the first in a series of powerful research reports on how we can transition South Africa’s economy and development away from fossil fuels and towards a just and equitable society powered by renewable energy. Given the goal of global climate negotiations is to hold average future temperature increase below 2°C, are (More...)

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ASEAN Power Shift

Fellow 350 activists,Join us at the #aseanpowershift 2015 – a three-day youth conference happening very soon in Singapore from 24 – 26 July.APS aims to build capacity from the ground up – for youth to champion climate action in their country and the region.You are invited to join activists from 10 ASEAN countries on a […] (More...)

Southeast Asia

Получится ли победить изменение климата?

Анализ мер по борьбе с изменением климата, запланированных разными странами, показывает: в ответ на требования миллионов людей глобальная экономика  начинает изменяться. Но до победы еще далеко, и глобальное изменение климата невозможно остановить без активного участия Китая, Индии, России и ряда стран, которые принято называть “развивающимися”. Чтобы разрешить климатический кризис, экологам необходимо активно действовать в условиях обществ, не избалованных высоким уровнем экологического […] (More...)

Palawan community resistance gains ground vs. coal

Last week became an all important turning point in our fight against a coal-fired power plant on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. On the 16th of June, the City Government of Puerto Princesa adopted “a resolution vehemently opposing the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Palawan.” We couldn’t have asked for a […] (More...)

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350Africa.org welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene prices hikes and calls for solar and wind energy revolution

[Press release] JOHANNESBURG– Ferrial Adam, 350Afrca.org’s Regional Team Leader commenting on today’s National Energy Regulator (NERSA) tariff determination said:  “350Africa.org welcomes NERSA’s rejection of Eskom’s obscene price hikes. In the middle of winter and when millions of South Africans already cannot afford electricity why should people have to pay more for the failures of Eskom and (More...)

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The Kenyan trees that offset climate change, empower smallholder farmers, and boost local economy

The seemingly obvious reason for planting a fruit tree would be to grow fruit. But in Murang’a County in Kenya, smallholder farmers have discovered several other benefits to investing in their environment: provide jobs diversify income boost local economy boost diversity minimise impacts of climate change like landslides help combat climate change Samuel Ndung’u, spent (More...)

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Bearing Witness from Ground Zero

The Roman Catholic faith plays an important role in the lives and consciousness of many Filipinos. Because of its involvement in social issues, it has given face to a Christianity that shows a deep sense of faith made known through actions that pursue justice, peace and the integrity of the natural world. That is why […] (More...)

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