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Many local, national, and regional climate action groups are getting linked up through this platform. To learn more about this platform, check out the demo website.

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Як організувати акцію «Рухай Планету» у своєму місті. Приклад плану дій.

1.     Збери друзів! Перевір, чи немає вже зареєстрованої події в твоєму місті http://www.moving-planet.org/map. Якщо така є – обов’язково познайомся з організаторами і об’єднай зусилля. Будь-який проект починається з команди та з ідеї. Запроси своїх близьких товаришів, колег, потенційних партнерів … Continue reading (More...)

Рухай Планету у вірному напрямку!

24 вересня ти зміниш хід історії. Зроби крок до зеленого майбутнього. За тобою піде вся Планета. В один день ти та сотні тисяч людей по всьому світу об’єднають зусилля і почнуть рух до екологічно безпечного світу. На велосипедах, катамаранах, роликах і дельтапланах … Continue reading (More...)

High school student organizes photograph exhibition on climate change

By CHANGE/ 350.org Vietnam CHANGE organized the exhibition “Climate change effects on the Mekong Delta” with its intern Quach Vinh Tuong on 29/08/2016 at BLANC Café, Vietnam, marking the intern’s first environmental photography project. The exhibition included 17 selected photographs taken in two coastal provinces, Ca Mau and Ben Tre, which showed severe climate change effects […] (More...)

renewable energy Vietnam

Of one mind and vision

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela. The following months after the signing of the Paris Agreement has been a challenging time for the East Asia region The fossil fuel industry is still active with a host of projects on the ground and are still bent on expanding dirty energy development […] (More...)

coal divestment Energy renewable energy South Korea

Nuclear: No room for revival

Five years ago, I stood in front of the control room of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), listening to an engineer trying to convince us that it was safe and wise to operate the 32-year-old facility.   At the time, I thought that the debate about the safety of reviving the BNPP was finally laid […] (More...)

Energy Nuclear

Faith Communities Around the World Dedicate Service to those Affected by Climate Change.

  Faith Communities Around the World  Dedicate Service to those Affected by Climate Change.   Faith based communities across the Pacific region and around the world are joining in prayer for Pacific Islanders whose homes have been adversely affected by climate change. The 350.org Pacific campaign, #PrayForOurPacific, has drawn attention from across the globe with (More...)

350 Pasifika News

Normal Is Over: An independent journey for change.

Normal Is Over is a documentary connecting the dots, drawing clear and accessible connections between global environmental issues that are more typically approached as unique problems. Environmental films about the end of our planet are a dime a dozen, but award-winning filmmaker Renée Scheltema travelled the world in search of ways to drive sustainable change. (More...)

climate change documentary normal is over Renee Scheltema

Кто убил коралловые рифы?

В этом году обесцветились гектары коралловых рифов, прежде ярких и невероятно красочных. И если здоровые коралловые рифы нередко восстанавливаются после потери цвета, в этом году всё по-другому. Беспрецедентное количество кораллов погибло от обесцвечивания – от Большого барьерного рифа и Андаманских островов в Индийском океане до Маршалловых островов в Тихом. Нам нужна ваша помощь в распространении […] (More...)

Climate Graffiti Workshop in Cairo

Street Art, Graffiti, is definitely not vandalism. This is artform rooted in an underground subculture so provocative that it must and can only exist beyond the walls of art galleries. “Uncommissioned” art plays a crucial role in a city’s landscape and contributes positively to social activism. This is why 350 Africa / Arab World has (More...)

artivism Northern Africa

350G-ROC – Ups the Ante on the fight against Coal Power Project

  In the Western region of Ghana, ongoing community mobilisation against the first two proposed coal fired power plants is producing positive results. During the months of June and July, 350G-ROC has continued with intense community engagement activities aimed at elevating levels of awareness on the contentious energy plants planned for Ekumfi District.   The (More...)

Western Africa